More than five hundred years after the first people explored Spitsbergen , Svalbard Explorer takes you into the same landscape . We give you the solitude , silence and handling feel of a nature that are guaranteed breathtaking.

We are quite alone in tailor travels into the Arctic landscape . Your wishes in combination with our expertise on Arctic life gives you guaranteed a unique experience . We know nature as our own pocket . Many of us have grown up in this landscape is shaped by respect for Svalbard’s unique wilderness.
With us you will find therefore no pre- menu of tours . Our tours are created in collaboration with you. Nature, sea ice, weather and seasons determine ultimately where we go. Everything is tailored to your needs. We share our world with you whether you want a short or long trips.

The very best we thrive when we can offer you trips where we stay overnight along the way , in heated Nordic tipis or tents, in a boat frozen in ice or in a luxury furnished “hotel ” far from civilization. Anyway , we promise to share Svalbard beads with you, and we do it with love for the people who live and have lived here for hundreds of years. We know the history of Svalbard , both the official and the unofficial.

The we want to share with you. Preferably over a menu featuring the best ingredients , cooked gently over an open flame in the tent or under the midnight sun of eternal light. With precious drops from our wine cellar we reinforce the taste of happiness a well deserved meal, after crossing a frozen landscape where you and the animals we encounter is the only thing that moves.
Reindeer , arctic foxes and polar bears are the real inhabitants here. All the rest are guests in nature , some of us have been there for decades – without being satiated . Every trip on Svalbard’s nature is new, every experience a memory for life.

Between the majestic mountains, glaciers and fjords we seek traces of the old trapper culture , we find compelling evidence of more than one hundred years of industrial history , we visit the Russian settlements and abandoned mining towns. We learn, as they first came here, to dress the cold out and create warmth in a freezing, stunning landscapes.
We promise our guests an intense, individual and truly remarkable experience.

Our guides

Our tour guides are people who have their heart in Svalbard, the rich tour experiences of the archipelago and is concerned Svalbard culture and history. Our guests will enjoy our knowledge of the natural environment , polar expeditions , mining history and trapping activities on Svalbard through the ages . Good stories tend to be loose at dinner in the evening.

Focus on food

An important part of the adventures with Svalbard Explorer is good food and drink. There is little that beats opplevelesen of sitting in camp and enjoy delicious food and drink while looking beyond Svalbard’s breathtaking landscape . There is basically nothing wrong with fryssetørret food, but it is not part of our menu selection when you are on tour with us.